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More about the FREE online personal training fitness classes: Enjoy FREE online workouts and fitness classes with celebrity trainer and fitness expert, your Real Hollywood Trainer Dulcinea Lee Hellings.  Every Monday at 9am PST Dulcie brings you the latest fitness craze workouts in her 40 minute online exercise class portion of the online fitness show.  She employs a different trainining modality each week to keep your body in shock and constantly challenge you with new fitness routines.  Her workouts are cardio interval based and involve resistance training using weights, body weight, or resistance bands....the workouts are TOTALLY FREE for you to participate in each week. 

What better way to save money and get in shape then to work out at home for FREE with your own celebrity fitness trainer?  You can get a body like the stars when you tune in each week to the FREE workout classes offered by Real Hollwyood Trainer Dulcinea Lee Hellings.  You don't need a gym membership, you don't need to pay for a private personal trainer, you don't need to sign up for any group fitness class packages, all you need to reach your optimum fitness goals is your free weekly workout classes online.  You can watch Dulcie's fitness video workout classes online or purchase a copy of the show so you have your own workout DVD you can watch on your television.  You have your very own exercise TV available whenever you like with Real Hollywood Trainer.  All of the workouts are easily replayed online for personal training anywhere.  Workout at home, avoid the gym, have an alternate exercise platform available anytime and anywhere with your Real Hollywood Trainer FREE online workout exercises.

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Past Shows 2015
1/07/15 Resolution Fit
1/14/15 The Resistance
1/21/15 Bounce
1/28/15 Ballet Buns
2/04/15 Rockin Body
2/11/15 Lovely Arms
2/18/15 Core Cuts
2/25/15 EEE-Extreme Exertion Exercise
3/04/15 Boxing Boot Camp
3/11/15 Fit and Fabulous
3/18/15  Slender Thighs
3/25/15  Cardio Challenge
4/01/15  Bust out
4/08/15 Total Strength
4/15/15 Body Burnout
4/22/15 BACK it up!
4/29/15 Home Cardio Workout
5/13/15 Insane Intervals
5/20/15 Get Balanced
5/27/15 Kick that Shit!
6/03/15 Body like Beyonce
6/10/15 Max Shred
 6/17/15 Crazy Arm
 6/24/15 Sexy Bikini Body
 7/01/15  Extreme Exercise
7/08/15  Tone it Up
 7/15/15  Run and Bun
 7/22/15  Chest and Cardio
 7/29/15  Bust that Gut!
8/05/15 No Mercy
8/12/15 Tone it Up
8/19/15 Run and Bun
8/26/15 Kick and Push
9/02/15 Hard Labor
9/9/15 Quick and Easy Workout
9/16/15 Slim it Down
9/23/15 Slender Thighs
9/30/15 Triple Strength
 10/14/15 EXPLODE!
 10/21/15 Twist
 10/28/15  Sweat like HELL
 11/04/15  Get your ASS in Gear
 11/18/15  Model Body
 11/25/15  Get in the ZONE!
 12/02/15  Hard Core Arms
 12/09/15  Fight Club Fit
 12/16/15  Relentless Cardio

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Real Hollywood Trainer is a FREE online workout and fitness show airing weekly with a different exercise routine and health discussion topic.  FREE celebrity style fitness with Real Hollywood Trainer, Dulcinea Lee Hellings.  Each week enjoy a new FREE 40 minute workout and 5 min health chat online to help you achieve your weight loss goals. You can either wait for the new weekly workout to air, or choose any of our past episodes and watch those for FREE whenever you like.  There are over 200 FREE 40 minute videos for you to enjoy. New Real Hollywood Trainer episodes film on Wednesdays and uploaded for you to enjoy via YouTube by Thursday evening, all of the past episodes and workouts are available on the WORKOUT NOW of this website.  We also have workouts categorized for you by Cardio, Strength, KickBox, etc in the CHOOSE YOUR OWN WORKOUT section...ENJOY!

6/01/16 Negative Resistance
6/08/16 OFF-Dulcie is Away
6/15/16 Spankable Ass
6/22/16 Summer 6 Pack
6/29/16 Freestyle Fitness
7/6/16 Low Blow
7/13/16 Max Insanity
7/20/16 OFF-Dulcie is Away
7/27/16 Walk it Out
8/03/16 Dream Body
8/10/16 Suicide Squats
8/17/16 Pure Cardio
8/24/16  Nice Legs
8/31/16  Bicep Building
9/07/16 WTF Workout
9/14/16  Washboard Abs
9/21/16 Dance Fitness
9/28/16  Box and Burn
10/05/16  OFF-Dulcie is Away

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1/06/16 Fitness Resolution
1/13/16 Total Body Makeover
1/20/16 Fit Girl
1/27/16 Get in the ZONE!
2/03/16 Tummy Tuck
2/10/16 I LOVE Fitness
2/17/16 Relentless Cardio
2/24/16 Double Trouble
3/02/16 Bad Ass Boxing
3/09/16 Hot Cross Buns
3/23/16 Cardio Time
3/30/16  Fitness Queen
4/06/16  Sexy Arms
4/13/16 Spring Training
4/21/16  Crunch-less Abs
5/04/16  Cinco Circuits
5/11/16  Tight Toned Legs
5/18/16  Upper Body Boot Camp
5/25/16  EPIC Workout

Real Hollywood Trainer online fitness training
TIME:  New workout every week! 
FORMAT:  40 min workout, 5 minute chat/discussion

No gym membership required!  Just awesome online workout routines

FREE 40 min workout videos

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10/12/16  Bodyweight Blitz
10/19/16  Pilates Butt
10/26/16 Go to HELL!
11/2/16 Yoga Core
11/9/16 Cardio Maniac
11/16/16 Fall Fitness
11/23/16 Big 40
11/30/16 Fit and Fierce
7/27/16 Walk it Out
12/7/16 REVENGE Body
12/14/16 Winter Workout
12/21/16 OFF-Holidays Dulcie is Away
12/30/16  OFF-Holidays Dulcie is Away

Real Hollywood Trainer

FREE 40 minute workout videos!

Past Shows 2013

 1/9/13  2013 Lean Machine
 1/16/13 Diva Derriere
 1/23/13  Torso Toning
 1/30/13 Total Core Cardio
 2/6/13  Plyo-Fit 
2/13/13 I Love CARDIO
2/20/13 Boxing Basics
2/27/13 Got Balls?
3/6/13 Dance, Dance, Dance
3/13/13 Max Intervals
3/20/13 Spring!
4/3/13  Cardio Craze
4/10/13 Football Fitness
4/17/13 REVolution
4/24/13 Obliques-R-Us
5/01/13 Fat Blast

5/08/13 Lady Lumps
5/15/13 Cross Train

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Past Shows 2013
5/22/13 Kung Fu Fit
5/29/13 Lean Limbs
6/05/13 Olympian Athletics
6/12/13 Booty Extreme
6/19/13 Plyo Pilates
6/26/13 Triple Triceps
7/10/13  Legs, Legs, Legs
7/17/13 Bond Girl Body
7/24/13 Fit Flat Belly
7/31/13 AAA Workout -Abs, Ass, Arms
8/07/13 Crazy on You
8/14/13 Yoga Sweat
8/21/13 Muscle Cut
8/28/13 Ballet Buff
9/04/13 Jump and Pump
9/11/13 Thighs and Flies
9/18/13 Power Box
9/25/13 Calorie Crush
10/02/13 BBB-Back, biceps, buns Back
10/9/13  Crunch TIme
10/16/13 Pilates Legs
10/23/13 Strength and Agility
10/30/13 Fitness Freak
11/06/13 Maximum Cardio
11/13/13 Upper Body Buff
11/20/13 7 Up Workout
11/27/13 Rump Shaker
12/04/13 Bodyweight Burn
12/11/13 Box and Sculpt
12/18/13 Take that Fat!


What is Real Hollywood Trainer?

Real Hollywood Trainer is a FREE online workout and fitness show airing weekly with a different exercise routine and health discussion topic.  Each week enjoy a FREE 40 minute workout and 20 min health chat online to help you achieve your weight loss goals.   Real Hollywood Trainer films on Wednesday afternoons PST.  FREE celebrity style fitness with Real Hollywood Trainer, Dulcinea Lee Hellings. 


Really, I can work out for FREE?

Yes!   No membership fees are required to access the Real Hollywood Trainer show.  Dulcinea is committed to bringing you high quality workouts for FREE because she loves fitness and she wants to see you succeed with your goals.

Are the work outs geared towards men or towards women?

Both men and women can participate in all of Dulcinea’s free exercise programs, but some classes will be tailored to female fitness and women specific work out routines. 

Do I need any equipment to participate?

Dulcinea tries to keep it simple with workouts you can do anywhere.  Some of her programs do use free weights or resistance bands, however, you can always substitute one or the other or use natural resistance instead.  Dulcie tailors each workout so that your body will benefit no matter what type of equipment is used.  From her experience with Boot Camp fitness training, she does employ many body weight exercises and from her experience with Group Exercise, she also enjoys mixing cardio intervals as well.  What you get is a high fat burning routine that keeps your heart rate up, tones your body, and helps you get in shape fast.

What makes Dulcie a fitness expert?

Dulcinea has been a member at Bally Total Fitness since 1984 when she was 8 years old, but her true passion for exercise didn’t show until 10 years later.  Dulcie had been overweight but through a dramatic life event she leaned down and never wanted to return to her former self.  She started to exercise to maintain herself and fell in love.  Shortly after she got her first Group Fitness certification and started to teach classes at the local Penn State gyms.  Later on Dulcinea got her Personal Trainer’s certification and now she continual attends fitness conventions and workshops to keep herself on top of the latest fitness trends.  Dulcinea hold numerous certifications in both Personal Training and Group Fitness instruction, she has been actively involved in the fitness business for nearly 20 years.

What kind of workouts do we do?

Dulcie likes to create dynamic workouts using intervals of cardio and strength training to keep your metabolism on high and help you burn fat fast.

 Here are some samples of Dulcie’s previous Real Hollywood Trainer workout routines:

Boot Camp - Combination of Cardio and Strength using body weight and military-style exercises.

Total Body Blast - Total Body sculpting class with weights.

Hard Core - Core centered class designed to strengthen the mid-section.

Happy Baby Workout - *SPECIAL workout program for moms and babies*

Booty-Licious - Creating Luscious buns with rear-end focused trimming and toning moves.

Time to RUN - 40 second intervals of running and strength training.

Female Zones - Focus on female trouble areas like hips, waist, thighs, abs, underarms, and bra fat.

Cardio Coalition - Cardio moves and core draining drills focused on abdominal training.

Happy Child Workout - *SPECIAL workout program for moms and toddlers*

Awesome Abs - Cardio moves and core draining drills focused on abdominal training.

Get your Sexy Back - Workout focused on the entire back side of your body, upper and lower.

Slender Thighs - Combination of cardio and strength training moves focused on sculpting the inner and outer thighs.

Kick Box It - Relieve stress as we punch and kick our way to fitness in this cardio-boxing class.

Independent Isolation - Cardio strength training class using independent muscle groups and isolation techniques.

Circuit Training - Cycles of cardio and strength exercises done in 45 second segments.

Shoulder Sculpting - Exercises focused on creating sexy shoulder lines.

10 minute Toning - Four 10 minute quick toning workouts.

Ballerina Body - Workout using mostly ballet dance style exercise moves.

Hot Mamma Fitness - Sexy style cardio toning class.

Cardio-lates - Combination of cardio and pilates exercises

Jump for my Love - Bounciful workout using plyometrics and jumprope.

FUNctional Flow - Functional training working from large muscle groups to the small ones

What topics are addressed in the health chat portion?

Here are some samples of Dulcie’s previous Real Hollywood Trainer health topic discussions:

Cellulite and how to fight it

Quick Fat Burning tricks.

Running/Walking for Charity

How much cardio do I need?

Special Guest—Childhood development specialist, Andrea Vickers talks exercise and toddlers

How much cardio do I need?

Why do people gain weight in different places?

How to look 5 lbs thinner in 30 minutes or less

Why dancing is such great exercise

Benefits of Cross-Training

Preventing shoulder injuries.

Special Guest – Real mom, Andrea Vickers on exercise after a C-Section

Making time in your day for exercise

Exercise as a confidence builder

Importance of incorporating flexibility in your workouts.

Self Defense

What is Pilates and how is it different from other workouts?

Getting rid of “Lunch Lady” arms

Special Guest—Childhood development specialist, Andrea Vickers talks balancing workouts with family time

Why explore different training modalities in your conditioning program

Best ways to rid belly fat

Importance of Kids Fitness

Which is better for you? Jumprope vs Running

Muscles and Metabolism

10 Day Fat Shred Diet Program

Past Shows 2014

1/08/14 Adrenaline Rush
1/15/14 Rump Shaker
1/22/14 Belly Blast
1/29/14 Skinny Jeans Workout
2/05/14 Burn it Up!
2/12/14 Dirty, Nasty Strength
2/19/14 Plyometric Yoga
2/26/14 Punch it Out!
3/05/14 Sweat Fest
3/12/14 Ass Builder
3/19/14 Slim and Sexy
3/26/14 Strong Armed
4/02/14 Runners World
4/09/14 Pilates Strength
4/16/14 CCC-Chest, Core, Cardio
4/23/14 Cardio Chaos
4/30/14 Legs and Love Handles
5/07/14 Bangin Body
5/14/14 Amazing Abs
5/28/14 Aerobic Challenge
5/28/14 Dynamic Strength
6/04/14 Boxer Fit
6/11/14 Sexy Buns
6/18/14 Fat Shred
6/25/14 Body Boot Camp
7/02/14 Zen Zone
7/09/14 Arms, Arms, Arms
7/16/14 Slim 4 Summer
7/23/14 Total Insanity
8/06/14 Fire Quads
8/13/14 Chest Pump
8/20/14 Core Crazy
8/27/14 Functional Fusion
9/03/14 Plyometric Strength
9/10/14 All Sports Training
9/17/14 Low Impact Cardio
9/24/14 Kick Tone
10/01/14 Abs and Arms
10/08/14 Strength and Conditioning
10/15/14 Booty Boot Camp
10/22/14 Let's get FIT!
10/29/14 Pure EVIL
11/12/14 Cardio Fusion
11/19/14 Extreme Booty Burn
11/26/14 Super Star Workout
12/03/14 Firm and Tight
12/10/14 Boxing Blast
12/17/14 Shoulder Strength

Past Shows 2012
1/9/12 Strength 101: Chest and Hamstrings
1/16 Strength 101: Back and Quads
1/23 Work that Waistline!
1/30 Strength 101: Shoulder, Thighs, and Calves
2/6 Tight End Training
2/13 Heart Rev
2/20 Fire Arms
2/27 Bollywood Belly Dance
3/5 Crazy Legs
3/12 T & A Training
3/19 Double Dynamite
3/26 Ultimate Fighter Fitness
4/2 Insane Abdominals
4/23 Hot Hips
4/30 Rapid Burn Cardio
5/7/12 Pump it up!
5/14/12 Extreme Fusion
5/21/12 Ballerina Boot Camp
6/4/12 Cut to the CORE
6/11/12 Full Frontal Fitness
6/18/12 Beautiful Buns
6/25/12 Run Baby Run
7/2/12 Dance, Dance, Dance
7/9/12 Power Play
7/16/12 Slim Sides
7/23/12 Kick, Kick, BOOM
7/30/12 Rock Hard Abs
8/6/12 Turbo Train
8/13/12 Yoga Tone .
8/20/12 Baby got Back
8/27/12 Body Shock
 9/10/12  Box-Pilates
 9/17/12  Maximum Burnout  .
 9/24/12  Core 360 

10/1 CrossFit Challenge
10/8 Glam Gams
10/15 Sports Circuits
10/22 Armed and Dangerous
10/29 Devil Inside
11/5 Fly Girl Fitness
 11/12    Hard ASSets
 11/19 Extreme Ab Ripper
 11/26 Jump and Pump
 12/3 Kick Krazy Kardio Cardio
 12/10 Sculpt and Tone
 12/17 INFERNO